Jaume Cabré


Jaume Cabré was born in Barcelona in 1947. He graduated in Catalan Philology from the University of Barcelona in 1972 with a thesis about J. V. Foix. He taught for many years, first in the Valencia region and later in Terrassa.

His career has made him one of the most consolidated authors in current Catalan narrative literature. Works he has published include Galceran, l’heroi de la guerra negra; El llibre de Feixes, a trilogy consisting of La teranyina, Fra Junoy and Luvowski o la desraó. Senyoria and L’ombra de l’eunuc have been granted the most prestigious awards and the publishing house, Editorial Proa, has created a Jaume Cabré Library which will include his complete works. A professor of secondary education on leave, he is currently a lecturer in Audiovisual Communication at the University of the Lleida and a member of the Philological Section of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies).

The first book he published in 1974 is a compilation of narrations Faules de mal desar. Three years later he published the volume Toquen a morts. In 1976, he became part of the Ofèlia Dracs group. This name belongs to a group of writers who are associated to a project, the main objective of which is to explore popular literary genres which, in their opinion, are given insufficient cover in Catalan arts, such as erotic literature, detective fiction or science fiction. The first attempt had significant success and resonance. With the collection of stories Deu pometes té el pomer, Ofèlia Dracs was granted La sonrisa vertical award. The collaboration with this collective lasted several more years, the result of which was the publication of six books.

From 1985, Jaume Cabré started to collaborate in preparing television scripts, specifically for the programme Vostè jutja, which was directed and presented by Joaquim M. Puyal. It is an experience that had its continuity in series and programmes such as La vida en un xip. He has also worked on film and television screenplays. Together with Joaquim Maria Puyal, he was the creator and scriptwriter of the first long-lasting Catalan television series, La Granja (1989-1992), which was followed by others such as Estació d Enllaç (1994-1998), Crims (2000) and the television films La dama blanca (1987), Nines russes (2003) and Sara (2003). In the world of films, he was the co-author, with Jaume Fuster, Vicenç Villatoro and Antoni Verdaguer of the script for the Antoni Verdaguer film La teranyina (1990), based on his own novel. With the same team he produced the script for Havanera (1993).


Les veus del Pamano. (Novel)





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