The Verd madur itinerary starts in the village of Llessui, which Josep Virós describes very clearly in his book. As the village is quite large, we recommend you to visit it for a day before doing the route or once you have done it. To save a long walk, we suggest you go by car to the Llessiu huts, passing through the shady side or bago, where most of the best meadows in the municipal area are found; we suggest stopping to look at impressive Mount Montsent just after the first bend. The Llessiu huts separate the more humanised part from the high mountain excursion, with pastures, animals and stock breeding constructions; even the remains of old dairies where the sheep were milked in the summer

From the huts, where you can already breathe in the wild mountain air, climb up by the River Berasti to the Mainera Pass, the border of the Aigüestortes i Estanys de Sant Maurici National Park. From here on the high mountain landscape starts and, little by little, the pale coloured granite rocks gain in presence and highlight the green of the grass around them.

itinerary 3

  • Starting point: Village or huts of Llessui
  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Zone: The Àssua Valley
  • Duration: 2 hours and 40 minutes (one way. Bear in mind that this is the actual walking time, and does not count stops or the return journey)
  • Climb: 936 m
  • Difficulty: A full day trip, which is fairly demanding with a steep climb, but which is not difficult for those who are used to walking in the mountains. You should pay great attention to the markers and wooden stakes along the route. In some stretches, the path is not very well-trod
  • Route: Llessui – Llessui huts – Moró Gully – Mollons Gully – Els Guaus Fountain – Mainera Pass –Small Mainera Lake (Xic) –Large Mainera Lake (Gran)



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