This is a short route which requires a couple of hours. It is quiet and does not involve much climb, going around the River Pamano and crossing it twice. You first go through a mysterious forest, gradually climbing up to get wonderful views over the valley and, if you pay attention, you will hear the voices of the Pamano from close up.


This is a very complete walk that follows a large number of the villages of the Àssua Valley and El Batlliu. To do this route you will need a full day but, if you want to stop and enjoy yourselves a little, you can easily take two days over it, spending the night in one of the villages on the way. This will give you the possibility of getting to know the villages well, of stopping to speak with people you meet and, as Maria Barbal says, of wanting to come back: 'Presided over by the solemn, welcoming presence of the Montsent, [...] The Àssua Valley is a route full of shelters and surprises, the beloved it home that you will miss when you of far away from it.'

The Verd madur itinerary starts in the village of Llessui, which Josep Virós describes very clearly in his book. As the village is quite large, we recommend you to visit it for a day before doing the route or once you have done it. To save a long walk, we suggest you go by car to the Llessiu huts, passing through the shady side or bago, where most of the best meadows in the municipal area are found; we suggest stopping to look at impressive Mount Montsent just after the first bend. The Llessiu huts separate the more humanised part from the high mountain excursion, with pastures, animals and stock breeding constructions; even the remains of old dairies where the sheep were milked in the summer

An itinerary to get to know the most significant places in Pedra de tartera and to enjoy, in a single day, hidden spots and one of the most splendid views of the Àssua Valley, Mount Montsent and Pallars Sobirà.

A quiet, sunny path that still preserves magnificent gravelled parts and perfectly aligned dry stone walls with the stones laid out with a ridged top. The route follows the Pallars life of the protagonist of Mel i metzines, the best memories of his childhood in El Batlliu, his life in Rialp, in Sort... You should read the book to follow the route, even beyond the border.


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